Kalfresh has a proud trucking history, which is in the safe, reliable hands of the Beutel family.

The Beutels are a generational family of truck enthusiasts who have been carting our vegetables since Kalfresh started in 1992. The love for trucking started with Evan Beutel, who grew up in Kalbar and started working with his father in the family fertiliser and seed business, at the age of 14.

Back then most of the transport was by railway, but when road transport started Evan knew he’d found his calling. Evan started his own trucking business and for years transported fresh vegetables from local farms to the central markets in Brisbane. Back then the valley had 26 individual carrot farming businesses and Evan provided transport for most. Evan’s wife Rhonda managed the accounts and administration. Evan was soon joined by sons Gavin and Darren, whose love for trucks was obvious from a young age.

When Evan retired in 2007, Kalfresh bought the trucks and the business and Gav and Darren stayed on to manage the day-to-day operations. Darren’s son Kane, 27, joined the team four years ago and Gav’s son Kye, 18, is now part of the Kalfresh farming team.

“I used to go with dad to the farms when I was young and knew I wanted to work for Kalfresh,” says Kye. “I love the tractors more than the trucks!”

The Beutel family keeps us trucking.

Gavin, Darren and Kane are well known within the trucking community and at retail DCs … their trucks are the cleanest, shiniest fleet on the road.
“We love the freedom of driving,” says Gav. “Sometimes it’s hard when the alarm goes off at 2am but knowing I have a Kenworth parked outside makes it easier.”

They love Kenworths for their reliabliity and superior drive.
“No kid ever grew up with a Volvo poster on the wall,” jokes Darren. “It’s always been Kenworth for us. You always get good drivers if you have Kenworths.”